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French Cheese Table of Contents

Introduction to French Cheese

French cheese is renowned worldwide for its exceptional quality, rich flavours, and diverse range of varieties. From creamy and delicate to robust and pungent, French cheeses have captivated the palates of cheese lovers for centuries. France boasts a long-standing tradition of cheese-making, with each region offering its unique specialities. In this article, we explore some of the most popular types of French cheese, including Reblochon, soft French cheese, blue French cheese, Delice de Bourgogne, and Brie de Meaux.

Reblochon is a semi-soft, washed-rind cheese from the Alpine region of Savoie. It is known for its creamy texture and nutty flavour, making it a favourite for melting in traditional dishes like tartiflette. Soft French cheeses, such as Camembert and Brie, are loved for their creamy interiors and delicate, edible rinds. Blue French cheeses, including the famous Roquefort, offer a bold and tangy flavour profile, often with distinct veins of blue mold running through them.

Delice de Bourgogne is a triple-cream french cheese from the Burgundy region, characterized by its rich, buttery texture and slight tanginess. Brie de Meaux, hailing from the Île-de-France region, is often referred to as the “king of cheeses” due to its luxurious creaminess and earthy flavour.

Interestingly, many UK artisan cheese makers are now producing French-style cheeses that rival, and sometimes even surpass, the quality of traditional French cheeses. These local options provide an excellent alternative for those looking to enjoy high-quality cheese without the need for international imports. The innovation and craftsmanship of UK cheese makers have resulted in a delightful array of French cheese that honours French traditions while offering a uniquely British twist.

Reblochon AOC

Reblochon AOC is a semi-soft, washed-rind and smear-ripened mountain cheese that originated at the heart of the Massif des Aravis, in the Thônes region of HAUTE-SAVOIE in France.

Reblochon features a fine, velvety rind, varying from yellow to orange. The close textured pate is very smooth, supple and ivory in colour. Farmhouse cheese discs are matured for at least two weeks, during which the cheese develops an edible light beige crust and buttery dough. Reblochon has a slight scent of the cellar and a mild fruity taste with an intense nutty aftertaste. Its delicate and subtle flavours go well with a glass of Savoie wine.


In the UK, Reblochon AOC cheese is the most requested French cheese online, a testament to its popularity and the growing appreciation for this Alpine delicacy. Reblochon’s melting properties and full flavour make it a star ingredient in various culinary applications.
It is famously used in the traditional French dish tartiflette, a hearty gratin made with potatoes, onions, lardons, and white wine, all baked to perfection with generous layers of Reblochon.

The cheese’s ability to melt evenly and infuse the dish with its creamy, aromatic essence makes it indispensable in French cuisine. Additionally, Reblochon can be used in fondues, savoury tarts, or simply melted over roasted vegetables, adding a luxurious touch to everyday meals.



Bleu des Causses AOC

Bleu des Causses AOC

The cows’ milk resembles Roquefort, full flavoured, with a lingering finish and a rich, salty tang. This is a strong blue but with a creamy, spreadable texture. It is a sensational and classic French cheese, ideal for those who like their blue cheeses with more bite.

Bleu des Causses AOC is a distinguished French blue cheese originating from the Midi-Pyrénées region. This cheese, made from cow’s milk, holds the prestigious Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC) status, guaranteeing its traditional production methods and high quality.

Bleu des Causses is matured in the limestone caves of the region, which provide the perfect environment for developing its characteristic blue veins and robust flavour. The cheese features a creamy, yet crumbly texture with a strong, tangy taste that is slightly milder than its famous counterpart, Roquefort.

Bleu des Causses is incredibly versatile in culinary applications. It pairs beautifully with fruits such as pears and figs, adds a punchy flavour to salads when crumbled over fresh greens, and is a delightful addition to cheese boards. It also melts well, making it an excellent choice for sauces, pizzas, and gourmet burgers, imparting a rich, savoury depth to these dishes.


Brie de Meaux AOC


BRIE DE MEAUX AOC is a full and fruity raw milk cheese, traditionally made by artisan methods. A soft, unctuous texture with easy yet complex, nutty flavours (which pair well with HONEY and CHUTNEYS alike) makes this cheese one of our customers’ favourites. The cheeses have a very pale yellow centre when ripe, which becomes gooey and more flavoursome with maturity.

Brie de Meaux AOC is an iconic soft French cheese originating from the Île-de-France region, often celebrated as the “king of cheeses.” This prestigious cheese carries the Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC) status, which ensures it is made using traditional methods that maintain its exceptional quality and flavour.

Brie de Meaux has a creamy, buttery interior enclosed in a delicate, edible white rind that offers subtle notes of mushroom and earthiness. The cheese’s luxurious texture and mild yet complex flavour profile make it versatile in culinary applications. It is best enjoyed at room temperature, allowing its full flavour to develop, and pairs beautifully with fresh fruits, nuts, and crusty bread. Brie de Meaux also shines in baked dishes; when baked whole, it becomes a rich, gooey centrepiece for appetizers.

Additionally, it can be used to enhance the creaminess of sauces, topped on gourmet sandwiches, or melted over roasted vegetables, adding a touch of indulgence to a variety of meals.


Cabri D’Ici

Cabri D’Ici French Goats Cheese

Cabri D’Ici is a delightful French goat cheese that exemplifies the rich heritage and artisanal craftsmanship of French cheesemaking.

A fresh and tangy, ash-coated French goat cheese with a soft, mousse-like texture. A ‘not too goaty’ goat’s cheese. As it matures the flavour gets saltier and the texture becomes drier. Fresher and lighter than typical Loire Valley cheeses, it is a very smooth and pleasing cheese that goes well with dry white wine.

This cheese offers a versatile profile that makes it a favourite among both gourmet chefs and home cooks. When it comes to cooking, Cabri D’Ici shines in a variety of dishes. It can be crumbled over fresh salads to add a creamy and slightly tart contrast, incorporated into savoury tarts and quiches for a rich depth of flavour, or spread on warm, crusty bread as a delectable appetizer.

Additionally, its smooth melting properties make it an excellent choice for enhancing sauces, gratins, and even pizzas, where it provides a unique and sophisticated twist.




Comté AOC 24 Months is a prestigious French cheese that represents the pinnacle of traditional cheesemaking in the Jura region.

A smooth, creamy and nutty mountain cheese – one of the most popular and finest French cheeses, with a good intensity of flavour which improves with ageing (up to 24 months).

This exceptional cheese, made from unpasteurized cow’s milk, is aged for a full 24 months to develop its complex and nuanced flavour profile. During this extended maturation period, Comté AOC 24 Months acquires a rich, nutty taste with hints of caramel and a delightful balance of savoury and sweet notes. Its firm yet creamy texture features occasional crunchy tyrosine crystals, a sign of its quality and careful ageing process.

Ideal for a variety of culinary applications, Comté AOC 24 Months can be enjoyed on its own as a sophisticated addition to a cheese board, paired with fresh fruits, nuts, and crusty bread. Its robust flavour also makes it a fantastic ingredient in cooking, perfect for melting into a decadent fondue, grating over gratins and casseroles, or incorporating it into gourmet sandwiches and quiches. This versatile French cheese not only elevates everyday meals but also stands out as a centrepiece in elegant dining experiences.


Delice de Bourgogne


Delice de Bourgogne is a luxurious French cheese that embodies the rich, indulgent flavours of the Burgundy region. This triple-cream cheese is crafted from cow’s milk and enriched with crème fraîche, resulting in an exceptionally creamy and buttery texture. Each bite of Delice de Bourgogne offers a luscious mouthfeel, with a mild yet complex flavour profile that combines subtle tanginess with a slight sweetness. The soft, velvety rind adds an extra layer of richness, making it a delightful choice for both cheese aficionados and casual enjoyers alike.

DELICE DE BOURGOGNE is similar to other classic French cheeses such as BRILLAT SAVARIN or EXPLORATEUR. It is also similar to the classic BRIE in appearance but this is where the similarities end, this sumptuous cheese delivers an extra triple cream punch to the palate. This cheese is best enjoyed when it is running off your plate.

Perfect for an elegant cheese board, Delice de Bourgogne pairs beautifully with fresh fruits, crusty baguettes, and a crisp glass of white wine or Champagne. Its decadence also shines when used in culinary creations; try it spread on warm toast, melted into a sumptuous sauce, or as a luxurious addition to savoury tarts and quiches.

Whether you’re hosting a sophisticated gathering or enjoying a quiet evening at home, Delice de Bourgogne elevates any occasion with its exquisite taste and texture. Experience the epitome of French cheese-making tradition with Delice de Bourgogne, a true testament to the art of indulgence.


Ferme Chèvre

Ferme Chevre Fench Goats Cheese

Discover the authentic taste of tradition with Ferme Chévre Cheese, a premium French goat cheese that brings the rustic charm of the countryside to your table. Made using time-honoured methods, this artisanal cheese is crafted from the highest quality goat’s milk, resulting in a product that is both rich in flavor and superior in quality. Ferme Chévre cheese offers a creamy, tangy taste that perfectly balances subtle earthiness with a hint of sweetness, making it an exquisite choice for cheese connoisseurs and casual enjoyers alike. Whether you’re looking to elevate your everyday meals or create a sophisticated cheese board, Ferme Chévre Cheese is the perfect addition to any culinary creation.

FERME CHEVRE is made from pasteurised goats milk and is matured for three weeks to allow the cheese to develop its distinctive mould-ripened white, soft & bloomy rind. This time also allows the inside of the cheese to mature into a slightly dense, crumbly texture that is full of flavour, which is typical of this type of classic French GOATS cheese. The crumbly interior gradually develops into a velvety soft, creamy cheese, starting from the rind and migrating into the centre.

FERME CHEVRE has a lovely smooth, tangy flavour with hints of caramel and very gentle, subtle goaty notes. A deliciously creamy goats cheese that is perfect as it is on the cheese board, but is also ideal for GRILLING for delicious salads and tarts.

Seasonal suggestion – grill on the BBQ or melt over burgers for a delicious alternative to classic Cheddar or Swiss cheese.


Goats Camembert Saint Heray

Goats Camembert Saint Heray

Indulge in the exquisite flavours of Goats Camembert Saint Heray, a remarkable twist on the classic French cheese, offering a unique and delightful experience for cheese lovers. Crafted from premium goat’s milk, this artisanal cheese hails from the lush pastures of France, where traditional cheesemaking techniques are blended with innovative methods to create a truly exceptional product. Goats Camembert Saint Heray boasts a creamy, velvety texture that melts in your mouth, with a subtle tanginess and earthy undertones that set it apart from its cow’s milk counterpart.

In this dairy, this artisanal, bloomy rind cheese is made from thermised goat’s milk. The Saint-Héray is an original addition to your cheeseboard which gets its names from the village where it is made. Like a “camembert de chèvre” (goat milk camembert) it has a creamy texture and tangy flavours.

Each individual cheese weighs approx 200g – 250g


Petit Langres AOC

Petit Langres AOC

Experience the rich heritage and exceptional flavour of Petit Langres AOC, a distinguished French cheese that epitomizes the art of traditional cheesemaking. Originating from the Champagne region, this artisanal cheese carries the prestigious Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC) status, ensuring its authenticity and superior quality. Petit Langres is celebrated for its soft, creamy texture and distinctive concave top, which traditionally holds a splash of Champagne or Marc de Bourgogne for added indulgence. Its washed rind imparts a delicate, tangy aroma and a slightly salty taste, perfectly balanced with buttery and earthy notes.

Petit Langres AOC is a versatile cheese that enhances any culinary experience. Enjoy it as the centrepiece of an elegant cheese board, accompanied by fresh fruits, crusty bread, and a glass of fine wine. Its rich, creamy consistency makes it an excellent choice for melting over roasted vegetables or incorporating into gourmet dishes. Whether you are a seasoned cheese aficionado or simply looking to explore the delights of French cheese, Petit Langres AOC promises to deliver an unforgettable taste journey. Bring the authentic flavours of France to your table with Petit Langres AOC, a true testament to the country’s cheese-making prowess.


Vacherousse d’Argental

Vacherousse d'Argental

Vacherousse d’Argental is a luxurious French cheese that epitomizes the finest qualities of soft, creamy cheeses. Hailing from the Rhône-Alpes region, this delightful cheese is crafted from high-quality cow’s milk, resulting in a product that is both decadently rich and exceptionally smooth. The cheese’s name, which translates to “red cow of Argental,” pays homage to its characteristic orange-red washed rind, developed during the traditional aging process. This rind imparts a mild, earthy aroma that complements the cheese’s creamy, velvety interior.

Vacherousse d’Argental offers a delicate and buttery flavour profile with subtle nutty and sweet undertones, making it a versatile addition to any cheese lover’s repertoire. Its melt-in-your-mouth texture is perfect for spreading on crusty bread, pairing with fresh fruits, or incorporating into gourmet dishes. Whether enjoyed as part of an elegant cheese board or used to elevate a culinary creation, Vacherousse d’Argental is sure to impress with its sophisticated taste and luxurious consistency. Experience the creamy delight of Vacherousse d’Argental, a true testament to the art of French cheesemaking, and bring a touch of indulgence to your table

The cheese itself is very creamy with a texture of thick clotted cream and has a fresh lively flavour. It is ideal with fresh fruit and sweet preserves, but also with savoury CRACKERS for a satisfying crunch. Pair with a glass of fruity Riesling.



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