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“Souper” ideas for winter warming soups.

You don’t necessarily need to make your own soups as there are some lovely ready-made soups available on the market, but occasionally they benefit from an injection of flavour. Take a look at your favourite soups and adapt as necessary.  Take a bit of inspiration from these suggestions – serve with home-made croutons or fresh crusty […]

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Beat the January Blues

January is a great way to start afresh, new resolutions and healthy options. Bottom that fridge and freezer and use up all the odds and ends. Here is a quick and easy recipe that makes a really tasty blue cheese potato cake – we use Blackstick Blue for a luxury finish, with its addition of Annatto, […]

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With the autumn night’s drawing in, there’s nothing better than bedding in with a soul-warming cheesy dinner and bottle of wine. One of our favourite dishes (and most popular on our Cheese Cafe menu) is Baked Raclette. This is a classic peasant mountain dish, beloved by skiers everywhere in the French and Swiss Alps. Traditionally […]

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Salers AOC – One of the great french farmhouse cheeses

Salers AOC French Farmhouse cheese

The Road Trip My introduction to Salers AOC Many years ago we won a trade competition organised by the French Food & Wine Board (sadly no longer in operation, cutbacks are universally widespread) for the best cheese counter in the UK. The prize was an all in trip with a hire car to the Auvergne with […]

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Could this be the best Double Baked Cheese Souffle recipe ever?

The double baked cheese souffle has consistently been the best selling item on our menu in the cafe over the years – rich, luscious and absolutely delicious.  Our customer’s tell us that they love it so much they find it difficult to order anything else.  We are happy to share the love. Have a go […]