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7 Best Goats Cheese to Buy in the UK

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Goats Cheese Table of Contents

What Is Goats Cheese?

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Goats’ cheese is made from goat’s milk. There are many varieties of goat milk cheeses made around the world. The cheeses vary from young, soft and very fresh to hard and aged. Goats cheese comes in many styles and goat’s milk can be made into any number of cheeses; blue cheese, camembert and gouda to name a few.

Goats’ cheeses are more easily digestible due to the higher content of fatty acids in the milk. Goat cheeses contain anti-inflammatory enzymes, probiotics, antioxidants, and proteins which help maintain a healthy metabolism.

Most Popular Goats Cheeses

  • Dazel Ash
  • Ferme CHevre
  • Goat Gouda with Fenugreek
  • Katherine – Goats Cheese
  • Rachel – Goats Cheese
  • Rosary Goat Ash
  • Ticklemore

Dazel Ash

Dazel Ash

Dazel Ash – The name of this beautiful springtime cheese is derived from an idyllic little copse ‘Dazel Wood’ situated just behind the farm in the New Forest. Made by Chris and Claire Moody only a couple of miles from Lyburn Farm, who started making cheese in Salisbury in 1988 and have since developed into a fully established dairy.

This delightful goat’s cheese has an edible ash coating which matures into a crinkly rind which takes on a lustrous satiny, dark hue of black and white. Dazel Ash has fresh, clean flavours which pair perfectly with lemon curd, wildflower honey or frozen grapes.



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Ferme Chevre

Ferme Chevre

Ferme Chevre is made from pasteurised goat’s milk. Matured for three weeks to allow the cheese to develop its distinctive mould-ripened white, soft & bloomy rind.

This time also allows the inside of the cheese to mature into a slightly dense, crumbly texture that is full of flavour, which is typical of this type of classic French GOATS cheese. The crumbly interior gradually develops into a velvety soft creamy cheese, starting from the rind and migrating into the centre.

Ferme Chevre has a lovely smooth, tangy flavour with hints of caramel and very gentle subtle goaty notes. A deliciously creamy goat’s cheese that is perfect as it is on the cheese board, but is also ideal for GRILLING for delicious salads and tarts.

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Goat Gouda with Fenugreek

Goat Gouda with Fenugreek Cheese

Goat Gouda with Fenugreek is a fresh, light and creamy Dutch GOATS cheese with the addition of fenugreek seeds that give it a nutty and savoury flavour. The aromatic fenugreek adds celery notes to the soft taste of the goat’s cheese and creates texture and bite.

The fenugreek seed is known for its medicinal and rejuvenating powers and is said to aid digestion. Goat Gouda with Fenugreek is an organic Gouda cheese made in WOERDEN in the centre of the Netherlands. An award-winning cheese prepared with care and a social conscience.

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Katherine Goats Cheese


Katherine is a closely related cousin of the delicious RACHEL, handmade by Peter Humphreys at White Lake Dairy, on Bagborough Farm in Shepton Mallet in Somerset.

This is a washed rind goats cheese, washed in cider brandy. A semi-firm cheese with a close texture and golden rind. Mellow and medium in strength with a nutty, oat flavour and toasty taste on the finish. This isn’t a ‘goaty’ goats cheese making it a perfect all-rounder for any cheeseboard.


Rachel Goats Cheese

Rachel goats milk cheese

Rachel is made by the White Lake Cheese Company at Bagborough Farm in Pylle Somerset, just off the Glastonbury festival site. This unusually shaped goat’s cheese is made using milk from the unpasteurised milk from their own beloved herd of Toggenburg, British Alpine and Saanen goats.

Rachel is a semi-firm goat’s cheese with a lightly washed rind with subtle sweet and nutty lingering flavours.

As the cheese matures it is washed regularly in a brine solution which gives it its pinky rind with occasional neon orange and yellow spots. Rachel is a delightfully fragrant cheese, for those who enjoy a cheese that is not too strong or overly ‘goaty’ on the palate.

Rachel is the namesake of one of the cheesemakers friends who, much like the cheese, is sweet, curvy and just a little bit nutty!


Rosary Goat Ash

Rosary Goat Ash

Rosary Goat Ash is a fresh-tasting, award-winning GOATS cheese with a light and airy texture. Pale and delicate with a creamy finish and light coating of corn ash which is said to aid digestion.

The cheese is handmade in small batches by the Moody family on their farm in the heart of Wiltshire. Rosary began in Salisbury in 1988 and has since grown into a fully established dairy.

Their cheeses are characteristically fresh and creamy with natural acidity and mousse-like texture. Rosary Goat Ash is delicious crumbled over salads, eaten with fresh fruits or enjoyed spread over crunchy crackers or bread.

This cheese was awarded Silver at the British Cheese Awards 2018.

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Ticklemore is a pasteurised, vegetarian goat’s cheese that was originally made by Robin Congdon but the recipe was passed to DEBBIE MUMFORD who now produces the GOATS cheese on the Sharpham Estate Farm, in Hampshire.


Ticklemore is a handmade cheese pressed into an unusual basket mould, which makes the cheese distinctive and instantly recognisable. The cheese is allowed

to develop a natural rind and the resulting flavour is mature with a lingering finish. Maturation is usually around 2- 3 months when the texture softens and becomes richer with ageing.

The cheese is named after the village in which it was originally produced.


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