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A handmade goats cheese that develops a natural rind resulting in a mature, lingering flavour.


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Approx. 1.75kg

This goats cheese was originally made by Robin Congdon, but now the recipe has passed to Debbie Mumford who produces the goats cheese on the Sharpham Estate Farm.  A handmade cheese pressed in an unusual basket mould. This cheese is allowed to develop a natural rind and the resulting flavour is mature with a lingering finish. Maturation is usually around 2- 3 months, when The texture softens and becomes richer with ageing.  The cheese is named after the village in which it was originally produced.

Key Facts

Age 6 - 8 Weeks
Country Of Origin England
Milk Type Goats
Organic No
Pasteurisation Pasteurised
Region Totnes, Devon
Strength Of Cheese Medium
Style Of Cheese Crumbly
Vegetarian Yes

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