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Where to Buy Organic Cheese in UK

Kelston Park Organic Cheese

Organic Cheese – 5 of The Best

What is Organic Cheese?

Organic cheese must be made with organic milk that comes from animals that are raised on organic farms. Animals are fed in natural pastures, (organic standards require a minimum of 60% of forage within an animal’s diet), animals must also have plenty of space inside and out to be regarded as free range and comfortable enough to be able to express their natural behaviours.

What is Organic Certification?

Any dairy that wants to produce organic products must comply with requirements that are set out in a set of industry standards. All premises are inspected yearly to ensure all procedures are being followed. Organic certification is a requirement to demonstrate a product or operation has met these legal standards.

Godminster Vintage Organic Cheddar

Godminster Vintage Organic Cheddar

GODMINSTER VINTAGE ORGANIC CHEDDAR is hand-made in Bruton, Somerset from the farm’s own 320-strong herd of organic dairy cows. Godminsters’ Vintage Organic Cheddar cheese is made from a traditional 90-year-old recipe and matured for up to 12 months.

It is a firm pressed CHEDDAR with a smooth texture and a rich, mellow, extremely creamy flavour that lingers on the tongue. GODMINSTER VINTAGE ORGANIC CHEDDAR is distinctive in appearance thanks to its burgundy wax.

A beautiful addition to any cheeseboard, the creaminess of this organic cheese means it can be scooped out of the rind or sliced as normal.

‘Godminster was born of a passion for organic farming and wildlife conservation. Ever since Richard Hollingbery bought Godminster Farm in 1993, he and his team have been pursuing an environmentally friendly and ethical approach to farming. Their approach incorporates the ORGANIC PRINCIPLES to the land and the livestock.


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GORWYDD-CAERPHILLY Organic CheeseGorwydd Caerphilly

GORWYDD CAERPHILLY is an artisan, organic raw milk, naturally rinded Caerphilly cheese, originally made by brothers and business partners Todd & Maugan Trethowan on their farm near Llanddewi Brefi in the Teifi Valley.

It is now made by Maugan and his wife Kim Trethowan in Somerset. In search of the perfect milk, the family moved production of the organic cheese from Wales to north Somerset in 2014 where they were able to invest in a new dairy to meet their specific needs.

Todd learnt the original recipe for GORWYDD CAERPHILLY from a third-generation cheese maker in Somerset. Despite being considered a Welsh cheese the recipe for GORWYDD CAERPHILLY was originally used in Somerset in the early part of the 20th century.

Following a traditional recipe and working the curds by hand, the cheeses are usually matured for a minimum of three to four months (which is longer than most caerphillys’) to give a wonderfully deep flavour that is yet still fresh and clean tasting with slight citrus notes, combined with a surprisingly creamy, moist texture. This excellent organic cheese has deservedly won a number of prestigious cheese awards.

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Pitchfork Cheddar

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PITCHFORK CHEDDAR is a relatively new cheddar from the makers of Gorwydd Caerphilly. Hand-made by Todd and Maugan Trethowan near Weston Super Mare, in Somerset.

This organic, full-flavoured organic cheese won gold in the mature cheddar category at the recent WORLD CHEESE AWARDS. The milk is unpasteurised from their herd of Holstein and Jersey cows which graze on the Farm’s organic pastures. It is made to traditional farmhouse methods, in open vats in small batches before each cheese is bound in cloth and then matured for over a year.

PITCHFORK CHEDDAR’S name is a reference to the old farming tools used to toss the curd while mixing in the salt – a practice the Trethowans’ have since resurrected, imbuing their new-old cheddar with romance and history. Full-bodied, nutty, and sweet with a creamy texture that lingers on the palate.

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Teifi with Chilli

Organic Cheese -Teifi with Chilli

TEIFI WITH CHILLI is made by Caws Teifi Cheese which is a family-owned organic farm located in Ceredigion. The cheeses are all made from locally sourced organic, raw milk.

In 1981 John, Patrice and Paula came to Wales from their native Holland with dreams of setting up a centre for learning organic farming and self-sufficiency. They bought Glynhynod Farm and set to work realising their vision.

Not long after arriving in Wales, Patrice; who trained as a cheesemaker in her native Holland, started making raw milk cheese based on a 500-year-old Gouda recipe. Today the farm is making the same cheese using the same recipe. Calling the cheese Teifi, after the nearby river that runs next to the farm. 

Having started in 1982 they are now the longest-established artisan cheesemaker in Wales.

Teifi cheese is similar to a traditional Gouda with a bright yellow interior. When the cheeses are younger they are quite mellow with a sweetness to the flavour as they mature the flavour becomes rich and the cheese becomes harder and slightly flaky. 

TEIFI WITH CHILLI is based on Teifi Natural organic cheese with chilli flakes that are added during the cheesemaking process. The flavours are gentle to start with but heat up in your mouth to give a real kick of chilli! Definitely a cheese for those who like a bit of spice!


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Goat Gouda with Fenugreek

Goat Gouda with Fenugreek Cheese

GOAT GOUDA WITH FENUGREEK is a fresh, light and creamy Dutch GOATS organic cheese with the addition of fenugreek seeds that give it a nutty and savoury flavour.

The aromatic fenugreek adds celery notes to the soft taste of the goat’s cheese and creates texture and bite.

The fenugreek seed is known for its medicinal and rejuvenating powers and is said to aid digestion. GOAT GOUDA WITH FENUGREEK is an organic Gouda cheese made in WOERDEN in the centre of the Netherlands. An award-winning cheese, prepared with care and a social conscience, so buy organic cheese from Holland.



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