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How to Serve Lincolnshire Plum Bread

Plum Bread

Nothing says “Lincolnshire” like the Lincolnshire Plum Bread. This classic loaf was first made by Charles Myers in 1901, in the town of Alford. It is now made by multiple bakers throughout the county, each with a slightly different recipe.

We have been selling the Modens Plum Bread for many years, and it is definitely our favourite.

Plum Bread is incredibly versatile, and pairs well with so many cheeses. This blog highlights three of our favourite ways to serve your Lincolnshire loaf.


1. Salted Butter and Lincolnshire Poacher

This is the classic pairing with plum bread – what better way to highlight a Lincolnshire loaf, with a Lincolnshire cheese!

In our café, we serve plum bread sliced and toasted, with healthy slabs of salted Jersey milk butter, and wedges of Lincolnshire Poacher. The Double Barrel and Smoked Poacher varieties would also work well.

Make sure the bread is still warm, so that the butter and cheese begin to melt for a deliciously sweet and salty mouthful.

2. Chilli Gouda

This is a slightly more unconventional pairing from the mind of cheesemonger, Megan, who couldn’t quash the thought of plum bread topped with a slice of chilli cheese.

We have tried varying strengths of chilli cheeses, but we think the complex flavour of our Chilli Gouda, which also contains garlic and nettles, compliments the sweetness of the dried fruit in the plum bread.

Simply slice your plum bread and top with thin slices of chilli gouda. Then place your sliced bread under the grill for a few minutes, until the cheese melts and the plum bread becomes toasted.

This combination is perfect the perfect lunch for a chilly afternoon.

3. Dipping Cheeses

We all know there is nothing better than melting a Camembert, or Reblochon, to enjoy a warm, cheesy fondue. Plum bread is the perfect accompaniment to this, with the sweetness of the bread cutting through the savoury flavours that dipping cheeses typically have.

Preheat your oven to 200o C and cut your plum bread into cubes before placing them on a lined baking tray. Put the cubes in the oven and bake for around 10 minutes, until they start to go crispy and lose some of their moisture.

Remove from the oven, and leave to cool so they become crisp and firm. Then serve them up alongside your fondue and enjoy!


There is no doubt that Lincolnshire Plum Bread is a firm UK favourite, and hopefully this post gives you some inspiration to shake up your plum bread recipes.

We would love to hear how you eat your plum bread!

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Happy cheesing!