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Best Christmas Cheese Gift – 10 Cheese Gift Ideas

Best Christmas cheese gift

Cheese Christmas Gifts Table of Contents


What is the best Christmas cheese gift in 2022?

Below we list 10 Cheese Gift Ideas for Christmas this year. We start with our 6 best Christmas cheeses in 2022. But if you want more than just cheese then read on.

Six of the Best Cheeses for Christmas

1. Colston Bassett Stilton PDO

Colston Bassett Stilton PDO

This is an English cheese, that’s made in two varieties – blue (with penicillium roqueforti) and white (with none).

Colston Bassett Stilton is made from pasteurized milk. Ithas been granted the status of a protected designation of origin (PDO) by the EEC.

This means only cheeses produced in Derbyshire, Leicestershire, and Nottinghamshire may be called Stilton. So not even a cheese produced in the village of Stilton (Cambridgeshire) may use the distinctive name.

Since September 2016 there are now just 6 dairies licensed to make Stilton. The Colston Bassett PDO is made at one of these.

What is the best way to eat Colston Bassett Stilton?

Raw Vegetables– Blue Stilton is often eaten accompanied by pears or even celery. Alternatively, it can be eaten together with bread, crackers, or biscuits.

For cooking Stilton is great added to vegetable soup, most often to the cream of celery (or broccoli). Another great use for Stilton is to make a cheese sauce and drizzle this over a steak.

For vegetarians, Stilton works beautifully when crumbled over a salad and to my mind far more interesting than feta cheese.

What is Stilton Paired with?

The popular pairing is a blue Stilton with either a barley wine or a port. However, to my mind, it also goes very well with a sweet sherry or a Madeira wine (also sweet).

Chosen as Best Christmas Cheese Gift by Cheesemonger Ben


2.Pitchfork Cheddar

Buy Organic Cheese

PITCHFORK CHEDDAR is a relatively new cheddar from the makers of Gorwydd Caerphilly. Hand-made by Todd and Maugan Trethowan near Weston Super Mare, in Somerset, this organic, full-flavoured organic cheese won gold in the mature cheddar category at the recent WORLD CHEESE AWARDS.

The milk is unpasteurised from their herd of Holstein and Jersey cows which graze on the Farm’s organic pastures. It is made to traditional farmhouse methods, in open vats in small batches before each cheese is bound in cloth and then matured for over a year.

PITCHFORK CHEDDAR’S name is a reference to the old farming tools used to toss the curd while mixing in the salt – a practice the Trethowans’ have since resurrected, imbuing their new-old cheddar with romance and history.

Full-bodied, nutty, and sweet with a creamy texture that lingers on the palate.

Chosen as Best Christmas Cheese Gift by Cheesemonger Mel

BUY pitchfork cheddar Blue Here


3. Tunworth

Tunworth – described as the best Camembert in the world by Raymond Blanc, this English soft 

Tunworthcheese is a delicious alternative to the classic. Weighing in at around 220g and presented in its own wooden box, we enjoy this beauty scored over the top with fresh cranberries on top and baked in the oven until soft and bubbling. £10 each.

Chosen as Best Christmas Cheese Gift by Cheesemonger Kate




4. Stinking Bishop

Cheese For Christmas Stinking BishopA soft textured washed rind cheese that develops a distinctive, meaty pungency with age. The name of the cheese is derived from the variety of pear “Stinking Bishop”, the juice of which is made into a “perry” and is used to wash the cheese. Sold as an approx 200g hand-cut wedge – £5.40 per 100g.


STINKING BISHOP is a soft textured washed rind cheese that develops a distinctive, meaty pungency with age. The cheese is handmade by Charles Martell on his farm in the heart of Gloucestershire.

The name of the cheese is derived from the variety of pear “Stinking Bishop”, the juice of which is made into a “perry” and is used to wash the cheese. This gives the cheese its distinctive nose. The cheese should be the texture of thick clotted cream but on occasion is spoonable rather than sliceable!

STINKING BISHOP was made infamous after making a cameo appearance in “Curse of the Were-Rabbit” – a Wallace & Gromit film. This cheese may smell powerfully pungent, but the flavour is rather delicate and herbaceous. Allergen advice – This product is washed in / contains Alcohol.

Chosen as Best Christmas Cheese Gift by Chef Mark



5. Cabri D’Ici

GOATS CHEESE FOR CHRISTMASA fresh and tangy, ash-coated French goat’s cheese with a soft, mousse-like texture, a not ‘too goaty’ goat’s cheese. As it matures the flavour gets saltier and the texture becomes drier. Fresher and lighter than typical Loire Valleycheeses, it is a very smooth and pleasing cheese that goes well with dry white wine.

Pairing Suggestion – LEMON CHEESE PRESERVE

Each individual Cabri D’Ici weighs approx 200g

Chosen as Best Christmas Cheese Gift by Cheesemonger Lucie


BUY Cabri D’Ici HERE


6. Fowlers Sage Derby

Cheese Christmas Gift - Fowlers Sage DerbyFowlers Sage Derby is a territorial cheese and was awarded best territorial cheese 2015 as well as receiving a Gold Medal Award at the British Cheese Awards 2015.

A territorial cheese is a cheese that is made in a certain region so in this instance Warwickshire, this also applies to cheeses such as LANCASHIRE and Cheshire. A buttery, firm-bodied cheese that is tasty and nutty with the addition of fresh-tasting sage.


Fowlers Sage Derby comes in a half wheel which weighs approx 1.2kg


Chosen as Best Christmas Cheese Gift by Cheesemonger Pam

BUY Fowlers Sage Derby HERE



Four More Christmas Cheese Gift Ideas for Cheese Lovers

7. Christmas Cheese Boards

Cheese is a special and memorable gift, ideal for those who are hard to buy for and say they haveChristmas Cheese Board Gift Idea 2022 everything. Cheese brings people together and is something to graze the Christmas days and nights away with.

Have a reason to catch up this Christmas over a delicious seasonal cheeseboard with all your people and your favourite extras and accompaniments. This year we’ve made it simple with our special Christmas Cheeseboard.

This is the ultimate festive cheeseboard. We’ve put together some of our personal favourites, plus our best-sellers and some seasonal greats to create a brilliant selection of cheeses for the Christmas table.

Serves 4 – 8 people.

At the Checkout:
You choose your delivery date.
Add a gift message to the delivery.

“We’ve always gone for this selection each Christmas and it never disappoints. It’s just not Christmas without a delivery from The Cheese Society plus Grandad Phil can’t be without his Christmas stilton.” Mel, North London



8. Why not go for a show-stopper this year with a stacked Christmas Cheese Cake?

This perfectly formed stack is made of four artisan cheeses for around 20-40 guests. 

Best Christmas cheese giftA wonderful stack of unique cheeses offering a peachy colour palette and all complimentary in both size and flavour profile.

Our stacked Christmas Cheese Cake won’t come with all the bubbly you see in our picture as I think the photographer probably drank that already. So please be mindful to buy some wines of your choice.

  • We deliver our cheese stacks all over the UK, we can send them directly to the venue or to a private address.
  • Please note these are handmade cheeses and therefore vary slightly in size and weight.
  • If you have cheese left over after the event, firmer styles can be successfully frozen if needed.
  • Place your order at least 2 weeks in advance of the event.
  • Arrange for your cheese to be delivered at least 2 – 3 days prior to the event so they are safely in the fridge ready for the celebration.
  • The cheeses will arrive as individually wrapped and labeled whole/cut rounds of cheese.
  • Our cheese stacks don’t arrive decorated, we’re cheesemongers, not florists!

Chosen as Best Christmas Cheese Gift by Cheesemonger Mel



9. Best Cheese Gift Boxes UK

OK, so you are still undecided about all these choices. We’ve got 2 more Christmas Cheese Gift Ideas to make it easy. We have created a selection of cheese gift boxes for Christmas or to be honest any other special day. If you want to send a cheese box for Christmas then look no further.

Our Christmas Cheeseboard gift box has been curated by our passionate team of cheesemongers and includes our seasonal favourites and best-sellers. Five amazing kinds of cheese, fruity chutney, and crackers. All you need for that delicious Christmas night grazing.

One of those cheese gift boxes is mentioned above as it contains the Christmas Cheeseboard, but our selection of Cheese gift boxes is designed to please all tastes.

Chosen as Best Christmas Cheese Gift by Cheesemonger Libby



10. Get a Christmas Cheese Gift That Lasts All Year!

Voted Best Christmas Cheese Gift 2022

No, you won’t need to buy a bigger freezer. If you want to make a lasting impression on a cheese lover then we’ve got the answer.

I’m talking about our Monthly Cheese Subscription that was voted in the Top 10 Cheese Subscriptions in UK.

Pick your desired Cheese Subscription. You choose your delivery dates at the checkout, these can be as spaced out as you like – if you need to change any dates, delivery information or cheeses simply CONTACT us.

Our Cheese Subscription is our best-seller at Christmas time, it makes for a brilliant gift for foodie, cheese lovers!! Order anytime from now for delivery in December or start the subscription in the New Year for that Christmas gift that keeps on giving. Just make sure you’re invited over to enjoy the cheeses too!!

Five hand-cut, seasonal, artisan cheeses from the UK and the Continent at 200g per cheese. We include new discoveries, smaller, lesser-known dairies, and traditional favourites, carefully selected by our resident cheese experts, mother and daughter KATE & LUCIE. Our cheesemongers cut, wrap and pack the CHEESES by hand fresh to order and send them out perfectly packaged with tasting notes.

Chosen as Best Christmas Cheese Gift by our customers

You choose that’s the secret.

Cheese Subscription Christmas Gift Idea