Lancashire Bomb


The Lancashire Bomb, or Lancashire Black Bomb, is a sphere of tasty Lancashire cheese coated in black wax. It has a mature nutty taste. 

Pairing Suggestion – Drivers Mini Pickled Onions

Each individual cheese weighs approx. 460g.

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The famous Lancashire Bomb is a taste explosion and must be tasted to be believed. This is a very popular Lancashire cheese due to the intensely creamy and full flavoured taste which leaves you wanting more. The cheese is very distinctive in appearance being a round cheese coated in black wax. Crumbly, with a moist creamy texture yet strong flavour resulting from the cheese being matured over two years.

What makes Lancashire Cheese so special?

For centuries, Lancashire dairy farmers’ wives made cheese from surplus milk. On small farms, there was insufficient milk from a single days milking to make a cheese, and so each day’s milk was curdled and accumulated for several days until there was enough curd to make a cheese. Two or three days’ curd of varying maturity are then blended together, giving Lancashire cheeses a distinctive character. Making a unique cheeses that can sit proudly amongst all British cheeses.

Tasty Lancashire cheese is made by the same traditional method as Creamy Lancashire but is matured for longer, from 12 weeks to 24 months. It has a mature nutty taste. The Lancashire Bomb or Lancashire Black Bomb is a sphere of Tasty Lancashire cheese coated in black wax.

Each individual Lancashire Bomb is approx. 460g


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  • What about Crumbly Lancashire Cheese?

    Crumbly Lancashire cheese - Unlike the other Lancashire varieties, this is made from a single day's milk and resembles other crumbly cheeses such as Cheshire and Wensleydale. It is the only Lancashire cheese that is produced outside of the county of Lancashire. It tends to be matured for only 6–8 weeks, resulting in a crumbly, and fresh cheese. If that sounds good we sell Mrs Kirkhams Traditional Lancashire (made in Lancashire) that is a full fat traditional crumbly cheese.

Key Facts

Age 24 Months
Country Of Origin England
Milk Type Cows
Organic No
Pasteurisation Pasteurised
Region Lancashire
Strength Of Cheese Strong
Style Of Cheese Crumbly
Vegetarian Yes