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Cheese Celebration Cakes: 7 Top Tips from our Cheesemongers

Cheese Celebration Cakes: Top Tips from our Cheesemongers

Cheese Celebration Cakes

One of our favourite jobs at The Cheese Society is planning cheese celebration cakes for our customers. We love sitting down to cultivate the perfect cheese stack for someone’s special day.

Whether it be a birthday, wedding, an event large, or small, there is a celebration cake fit for every occasion. We have a variety of pre-determined stacked cakes on our ONLINE SHOP, but did you know you can customise your own celebration cake?

Simply pop into our shop for a chat, email us, or give us a call to arrange your custom cheese stack.

Our team of cheesemongers will help you find the right quantities and flavours to create a truly memorable celebration cake.

Some customers can feel quite overwhelmed at the prospect of customising their cheese stack, so we have asked our cheesemongers for their top tips to help you out.

Read on for some excellent advice on planning your cheese celebration cake.

Cheese Wedding Cake Table Five

Ben – Know what you like and do your research. Set yourself a budget and know the number of guests attending. Taste if you need to. The counter team will always help with that!

Pam – Be aware that not everything comes in a useful size. If you love farmhouse cheddar, it’ll be a massive cake. Cutting from a 26-30kg wheel makes for a huge base! Some cheeses just aren’t feasible for a celebration cake.

Cheese Celebration Cake

Rachael – Remember, it’s not just you eating the cake! Try to cater to as many palates as possible. Crowd pleasers often work well (for example, Black bomber, Colston Bassett, and Cornish Yarg).

Libby – Something to bear in mind when figuring out how many soft or hard cheeses you want: you can freeze hard cheeses, so you can continue to enjoy your Poacher or Alpine styles for some time after the event!

Cheese Celebration Cakes: Top Tips from our Cheesemongers

Kate – Top tip. Make sure soft cheeses are on the top layer, or otherwise total collapse! Not a pretty sight.

Lucie – Use naturally decorated cheeses for added visual appeal. Cornish Yarg and Alpine Meadows make two of the most beautiful layers. Memorable and delicious.

Megan – Consider the location and time of year. An outdoor summer party may not be the best environment for soft cheeses. Will there be a cool place to store the cheese? Environmental factors can really make a difference in deciding which cheeses to pick.

Cheese wedding cake-Table Four


Hopefully, our top tips will give you a head start in planning a cheese celebration cake for your special occasion.

You can contact us via phone (01522 511 003) or email ([email protected]) to arrange your cake.

Or pop into our Lincoln shop to chat with our cheesemongers and have a taste of some of our cheeses.

Be sure to tag us in any photos of your cakes – we love to see them decorated and displayed in all their glory!