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Beat the January Blues

January is a great way to start afresh, new resolutions and healthy options. Bottom that fridge and freezer and use up all the odds and ends. Here is a quick and easy recipe that makes a really tasty blue cheese potato cake – we use Blackstick Blue for a luxury finish, with its addition of Annatto, … Continued

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With the autumn night’s drawing in, there’s nothing better than bedding in with a soul-warming cheesy dinner and bottle of wine. One of our favourite dishes (and most popular on our Cheese Cafe menu) is Baked Raclette. This is a classic peasant mountain dish, beloved by skiers everywhere in the French and Swiss Alps. Traditionally … Continued

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Summer Redcurrant Fruit Tart

A very kind fruit fairy left a bumper tub of freshly picked redcurrants on my doorstep last week. I promptly went to work, using a fork to pull the stalks off the ripe fruit to make Redcurrant Jelly to accompany delicious English Spring Lamb, chicken, in fact any light meats. I always add a spoonful … Continued