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With the autumn night’s drawing in, there’s nothing better than bedding in with a soul-warming cheesy dinner and bottle of wine. One of our favourite dishes (and most popular on our Cheese Cafe menu) is Baked Raclette. This is a classic peasant mountain dish, beloved by skiers everywhere in the French and Swiss Alps. Traditionally … Continued

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Summer Redcurrant Fruit Tart

A very kind fruit fairy left a bumper tub of freshly picked redcurrants on my doorstep last week. I promptly went to work, using a fork to pull the stalks off the ripe fruit to make Redcurrant Jelly to accompany delicious English Spring Lamb, chicken, in fact any light meats. I always add a spoonful … Continued

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Baked Camembert with Fresh British Asparagus

Try our quick & easy baked Camembert recipe using fresh, seasonal British asparagus. Lincolnshire grows some amazing asparagus and we love to make the most of the short season in our cheese cafe. Remove the packaging from the cheese and line the Camembert box with a square of baking parchment. Place back in the box, … Continued