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Beat the January Blues

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January is a great way to start afresh, new resolutions and healthy options. Bottom that fridge and freezer and use up all the odds and ends. Here is a quick and easy recipe that makes a really tasty blue cheese potato cake – we use Blackstick Blue for a luxury finish, with its addition of Annatto, it  gives a great golden colour to the savoury cake – but any blue or hard cheese will still produce great results.  A  good way to use up the left over roast vegetables and the mashed potatoes from Sunday lunch.

Blackstick Blue Cheese, Root Vegetable & Potato Cakes

  • Preparation time:20 minutes + chilling
  • Cooking time:15 minutes
  • Total time:40 minutes + chilling

Makes: 8 cakes – 2 per person


250g Blackstick Blue cheese, crumbled
250g Cooked Carrots
300g Mashed Potatoes
250g Cooked Parsnips
50g Kale, finely chopped & blanched
20g fresh finely chopped Parsley
50g seasoned flour
2 medium Free Range Eggs
100g fresh white breadcrumbs
3 Tablespoons light oil to fry the potato cakes


  1. Roughly mash/chop the carrots, parsnips, potatoes and kale and mix together. Season with freshly ground black pepper before adding the crumbled  Blackstick Blue cheese & Parsley, mix well to combine.
  2. Shape the mixture into 8 equal sized cakes. Chill in the fridge for 30 minutes so they hold their shape. Dip each one into seasoned flour, the beaten egg, then finally the breadcrumbs. Repeat with all the cakes and then refrigerate until needed.
  3. Heat the oil in a frying pan and gently fry the Potato cakes on each side until golden and crisp. Serve hot with cold cuts, charcuterie, salad and pickles. A rich creamy blue cheese cream sauce is delicious with this dish.
  • Heat 200ml double cream in a pan until bubbling, reduce the cream down a little and add around 75g Blackstick Blue cheese (more or less depending on personal taste) to the hot cream, allow to melt and serve hot with the potato cakes