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“Souper” ideas for winter warming soups.

Old Amsterdam cheese

You don’t necessarily need to make your own soups as there are some lovely ready-made soups available on the market, but occasionally they benefit from an injection of flavour. Take a look at your favourite soups and adapt as necessary.  Take a bit of inspiration from these suggestions – serve with home-made croutons or fresh crusty bread for a lovely warming lunch or supper

  • Roasted Cauliflower with toasted Cumin seeds topped with melted Old Amsterdam cheese. The cheese has a strong rounded rich flavour
  •  Leek & Potato top with a small quenelle of triple crème Delice de Bourgogne. Lush!
  •  Minestrone soup topped with either grated Parmesan Reggiano or sharp Pecorino cheese. A classic, but still a delicious combination that is difficult to beat
  •  Broccoli topped with cubes of colourful & flavoursome, creamy Cashel Blue cheese
  • Carrot & Coriander topped with crumbly Old Winchester cheese, the vegetarian option to Parmesan Reggiano – fresh tasting and gives a lively lift to the flavours
  •  Rich Oxtail topped with grated Pecorino & Chilli cheese – that little tickle of chilli gives a lovely kick

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*** For all expecting mums please go instead to a special page which lists safe cheeses for pregnant ladies