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Fruity Tea Loaf recipe

Fruity Tea Bread Makes 1 x 900g loaf This is a lovely moist tea bread that is delicious thickly sliced and buttered and served with a generous chunk of cheese. My current favourite to pair with this is Stitchelton or an aged Lincolnshire Poacher cheese, I love the contrast between sweet and savoury , I know … Continued

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Christmas Giveaway

We’re very excited to be giving away our most popular Subscription of Cheese!! The lucky winner will receive our QUARTERLY SUBSCRIPTION which is a delicious delivery of cheese every third month for a year!!! Each delivery is around 1kg of cheese in total and contains five handmade, unique cheeses from incredible dairies all over the … Continued

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“Souper” ideas for winter warming soups.

You don’t necessarily need to make your own soups as there are some lovely ready-made soups available on the market, but occasionally they benefit from an injection of flavour. Take a look at your favourite soups and adapt as necessary.  Take a bit of inspiration from these suggestions – serve with home-made croutons or fresh crusty … Continued