Gouda with Truffles

£3.40 per 100g

An unusual creamy, washed curd, Gouda cheese with the decadent addition of chopped black Italian Truffles.

250g £8.50
500g £17.00
750g £25.50
1kg £34.00
1.5kg £51.00
2kg £68.00

Gouda with Truffles is an unusual creamy, washed curd, Gouda cheese with the addition of chopped black Italian Truffles that blend perfectly with the texture of the cheese.

Gouda is a semisoft cow’s milk cheese from the Netherlands, named after the town where it was originally traded. Gouda is traditionally made in flat wheels, each with a thin natural rind. It has a smooth and ivory coloured interior. Gouda is one of the oldest European cheeses and has been a popular cheese since the 12th century. It was so popular that it was shipped to France and further afield and has been produced in several different countries.

The process of making Gouda, including the washing of the curd, creates an elastic curd and a mellow flavour. Gouda with Truffles is a farmhouse Gouda from the Woerden region of Holland, the heart of the cheesemaking country in the Netherlands. Made with raw, cow’s milk, this is firm a pressed cheese, beautifully rich and decadent. Perfect as an aperitif with a glass of wine or as an after-dinner cheese course, we warn you, it’s incredibly moreish!

Please note all cheeses are hand-cut, therefore the weights listed are approximate. We work very hard to cut them as accurately as we can!


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Key Facts

Age 8 Weeks +
Country Of Origin Netherlands
Milk Type Cows
Organic No
Pasteurisation Unpasteurised
Region Worden
Strength Of Cheese Medium
Style Of Cheese Semi - Firm
Vegetarian No

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