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Aligot Recipe

A delicious, simple, garlicky, mashed potato dish to enjoy with decent sausages, pork chops, or just on its own.  Make sure that the Aligot is eaten as soon as it is ready, as the cheese is liable to go a bit stringy, although it will still be fantastic.

Serves 4


Enough cooked mashed potato for four people

4 Crushed, pounded garlic cloves

50 ml Melted Bacon Fat (optional)

50g-75g Butter

800g Cantal cheese, coarsely grated



Stir the crushed garlic, melted bacon fat and butter into the very hot mashed potato.

Add the grated Cantal cheese

Beat vigorously until the mixture is unctuous and smooth but not too loose. You should be able to pile it onto your plate

Serve immediately