Westmoreland Chutney


Handmade fruity chutney from the Hawkshead Company in the Lake District. This is a classic all-rounder chutney that works with all cheeses as well as pate, meats and hams. Delicious with strong cheddar and stilton

Pairing Suggestion – smoked beechwood

Each jar weighs approx. 200g

The Hawkshead Relish Company started as a small but busy café in the Lake District Town of Hawkshead, where they made a small range of chutney, relish and preserves to go with the meals that were served to their customers. These were enjoyed so much customers would often ask if they could buy a jar to take home. Today the Hawkshead Relish Company makes over 100 different chutneys, relishes, and preserves to sell.

Westmoreland Chutney is delicious with strong cheddar and stilton

A Gold Medal Winner of the Taste Awards.

Each jar weighs approx. 200g.