Perello Pickle Cocktail Mix


Perello’s Olive and Pickle Cocktail mix includes Manzanilla olives (the most popular table olive in Spain), baby gherkins and tiny onions, and is a tapas bar staple. Marinated with Guindilla Chillies for a touch of spice.

Pairing suggestion – Hard cheeses

Each can weighs approx. 350g (dry weight approx. 180g)

Perello Olive and Pickle Cocktail Mix includes Manzanilla green and black olives (the most popular table olive in Spain) and a tapas bar staple: baby gherkins and tiny onions.

Marinated with Guindilla Chillies with a hint of spiciness and a light pickle, these are delicious, crisp and crunchy. 

Enjoy Perello Olive and Pickle Mix with a Staycation Selection, the Spanish classic Manchego PDO or with LORD OF THE HUNDREDS. Why not also buy with antipasto meats for a full grazing experience!

When Spanish food specialists Brindisa started back in 1988, knowledge of Spanish gastronomy was almost non-existent in the UK. Starting with a conviction that the most-loved foods from Spain deserved to find a wider audience, Brindisa launched, and 30 years on is bringing delicious Spanish produce to our tables.

Each can weighs approx. 350g (dry weight approx. 180g)

Allergen advice – This product contains Sulphites. It may also contain traces of Almonds and Fish.


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