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Cheesy Christmas Ideas

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 Cheesy Christmas Ideas!

If you entertaining over Christmas, or having a large family gathering why not indulge Stilton lovers with Colston Bassett Stilton.  It is traditionally made, rich, creamy and mature with a natural crusty rind. A ring of Stilton makes a stunning centre piece for a party table.  Should you have any left-overs, why not make a Stilton & Red Wine Dip or Pate, which is very tasty and quick and easy to put together.  Simply put chunks of Stilton in a food processor, and whiz to break down, adding a splash of red wine or port to taste, then gradually blend around a tablespoon of softened butter and a large spoon or two of Mascapone cheese, crème fraiche or double cream, depending on taste. For a “Christmassy” flavour, why not sprinkle a tablespoon of canned, roughly chopped chestnuts or toasted caramelised walnuts over the mixture just before serving.  Don’t over-mix, otherwise it may split. This pate is excellent served with warm toast or crudités.

A full-flavoured, mature, tasty cheddar is an essential cheese to have around for Christmas.  A favourite cheese is Godminster Organic Cheddar from Somerset, a good creamy nibbling cheese, with a full rounded flavour – yet not too strong.  Our customers can’t seem to get enough of it!  If you prefer stronger, harder more mature cheddars then look out for Cave Aged Wookey Hole Cheddar, Montgomery Cheddar and Quickes Extra Mature – these are all excellent full flavoured handmade cheeses.  Lincolnshire local cheese, Lincolnshire Poacher, is a full flavoured, firm cheddar style cheese that is a regular award winner and well worth tasting. The Smoked Poacher is a good tasty version that is great at Christmas.

For a true taste of luxury and decadence, try  Brie with Truffles. A whole French Brie de Meaux AOC is split horizontally and filled with a generous mixture of chopped summer truffles mixed with creme fraiche. Only available in December, this is just too good to miss – a real flavour sensation.

Vacherin Mont D’Or is a fabulous cheese, rich, luscious and delicious, this cheese is at it’s  seasonal best from the end of October until just after Christmas.  We recommend cutting a cross in the top of the cheese and sprinkling a dessertspoon full of dry white wine into the centre, a few slivers of garlic pierced on the top and a sprig of thyme, these all add delicious extra flavours. Wrap the box in foil and warm through in a medium oven for around 15 minutes until meltingly delicious. The result is an almost fondue like cheese, perfect for dipping crusty bread, celery and crudités.  Try this for pre-dinner drinks, or after Christmas lunch or on Boxing Day.  Of course this cheese can just be enjoyed straight from the cheeseboard