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The Cheese and Chips Debate


The Cheese & Chips Debate continues

One or two of our little tweets caused quite a storm on social media recently. Who would have thought that #chipsandcheese could stir up such strong emotions…?

After local paper, The Lincolnshire Echo, covered the animated discussion, it set our creative juices (taste buds) flowing. Chips and cheese is clearly a fantastic and well loved combination, after all, who doesn’t secretly love the ubiquitous chip?  Chips are the only food on someone else’s plate that is perfectly legitimate to steal.  But have you ever tried mixing it up a bit? Cheesy chips shouldn’t be just be reserved for ending a night out on the town! Here are a few cheesy suggestions from us…

The Thick End of the Wedge

How about crispy potato wedges with salty, tangy Roquefort crumbled over the top and a drizzle of sour cream and chives. Delish!

Smokey Flavours

Try Curly Fries with Smoked Poacher and a home-made  BBQ dip to really ramp up those smokey flavours. Grate the smoked cheese liberally over the fries and melt under the grill if possible, then have a bowl barbeque sauce at the ready.

Go Classic

Why not go classic, with proper, fat chunky chips, fried in beef dripping, topped with grated Organic Godminster Cheddar and a slick of rich garlicky mayonnaise.

Low GI – perhaps

For something a little more interesting, go for baked, crunchy Sweet Potatoes, low GI, but that really is the only thing they are low in with this combination! Top with Pulled Pork or a really spicy Chilli con Carne, liberally slather the top with slices of Raclette cheese, keeping the rind intact and finish under a blisteringly hot grill until golden brown and melted – the edges get wonderfully crispy.  Perfect for impromptu eating.

Go Goat

And a personal/staff favourite/perk during busy cafe shifts, (love staff lunch!) … Skinny fries with grilled Chevre log melted on top, finished with lashings of sweet balsamic reduction!

Who would have thought the humble pomme de terre, sliced, diced and wedged, topped with a sprinkling of dairy loveliness could be so blatantly appetising! We’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Mmm #chipsandcheese