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A Lincolnshire First!

pink cheese

 We are excited to introduce a Lincolnshire, if not world, first. Cotehill Pink – the first cheese made exclusively with porcine milk.

Award winning Michael and Mary Davenport have been farming and milking cows at Cote Hill Farm in Lincolnshire for more than 30 years. They are renowned for their high quality products and adventurous cheese making. They remain the only soft cheese makers in Lincolnshire. It was therefore only natural that they take the leap into pastures, or even pig stys, new.

“Whilst we have farmed cattle for many years, it is a little known fact that we have also always kept pigs on our farm. They are wonderful animals and for too long they have merely been farmed for their meat.” said Mary. The name of the cheese falls in line with the tradition of this farm, joining the ranks of Cotehill Blue and Cotehill Yellow.

Cotehill Pink, is not only distinctive for its unique milk, but also has a beautiful pinky hue. This medium hard cheese has a good squeaky texture and a nice perky after taste. There’s a good smokey depth to the cheese that plays homage to its origins. The cheese will retail for £14.14 per 100g.

We at The Cheese Society are excited and honoured to be the exclusive stockists of this very rare cheese and will be holding a tasting in its honour from 10 til 12 on Monday 1stApril. We expect this piggy cheese to fly off the shelves and people would be foolish to miss out!