Tete de Moine & Girolle Set


A Tete de Moine cheese along with the classic Girolle machine so you can roll delicious petals of cheese until it’s all been eaten. An epic centrepiece at a dinner party or a wonderfully unique gift for hard-core cheese lovers. This unusual cheese is made by Monks in Swiss mountain Monasteries. A strong, full-flavoured washed rind cheese that has a very distinctive flavour. 

Pairing Suggestion – WHITE TRUFFLE HONEY

A whole cheese weighs approx 800g.

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Tete de Moine & Girolle Set – You will love shaving cheese “petals” off this full-flavoured, Swiss cow’s milk Tete de Moine cheese. We supply a whole Tete de Moine cheese (approx 800g) plus the classic wooden cheese curler or Girolle Machine as it is known in Switzerland. This unique machine is used widely on the Continent for “shaving” petals of cheese from the full-flavoured Tete de Moine or Girollin. Pass the cheese curler around the table to allow guests to “shave” themselves petals of this rich pungent cheese.

Tete de Moine is a strong, semi-firm, naturally rinded Swiss cheese that is traditionally cut on a GIROLLE machine or cheese curler, a wooden circular implement, that “shaves” the cheese into petals. This cheese is always best enjoyed in thin slivers to enjoy its complex flavours and is delicious with fresh fruits. It is also delicious melted over hot new potatoes for a tasty lunch or supper dish as you would RACLETTE cheese. The cheese is from the JURA REGION in North West Switzerland, a high mountainous area where the cattle graze on sweet grasses and herbs on alpine pastures, which gives the cheese its very distinctive sweetness, flavour and aroma.

The Tete de Moine & Girolle Set makes a great gift. 

The individual cheese weighs approx. 800g.

Key Facts

Country Of Origin Switzerland
Milk Type Cows
Pasteurisation Pasteurised

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