Quicke’s Elderflower Cheddar

£2.50 per 100g

Delicately scented, rich and buttery with aromatic floral notes. A unique and bold flavour. 

Pairing suggestion – Miller’s Buttermilk Biscuits. 

250g £6.25
500g £12.50
750g £18.75
1kg £25.00
1.5kg £37.50
2kg £50.00

Quicke’s Elderflower is a fresh, and creamy clothbound cheese with a crumbly farmhouse texture. The taste has buttery and citric notes, and a delicate floral flavour from the real elderflower running through it. 

With a vast swathe of land, including luscious rich Devon pasture, the Quickes farm use what’s on their doorstep. With a focus on grass-grazing and allowing their animals to spend the maximum time outside, or ‘out wintering’, finding a suitably hardy breed that gives them the right yield and protein percentage, therefore they don’t exclusively produce one specific breed of cow.

Their herd is made up of a variety of traditional dairy stock; each breed has been specifically chosen to create the ultimate hybrid – the Quicke’s cow.

There is a rich folklore surrounding elderflowers. Elder trees have been said to offer protection from evil, whereas other traditions tell that witches gather under the elder tree. Both the flowers and berries have long been used in food production, due to the belief in their healing properties (and their delicious flavour!). 

Please note all cheeses are hand cut, therefore the weights listed are approximate. We work very hard to cut them as accurately as we can!


Key Facts

Age 3 Months +
Country Of Origin England
Milk Type Cows
Organic No
Pasteurisation Pasteurised
Region East Sussex
Strength Of Cheese Mild
Style Of Cheese Crumbly
Vegetarian Yes