King Richard III Wensleydale

£2.50 per 100g

King Richard III Wensleydale is a classic cloth-bound cheese made from a pre-war recipe. It is moist, lactic and creamy with a sweet honey flavour.

250g £6.25
500g £12.50
750g £18.75
1kg £25.00
1.5kg £37.50
2kg £50.00

King Richard III Wensleydale is a traditionally made Wensleydale, made to a pre war recipe, which is as far removed from the mass-produced Wensleydale styles as you can think of. Made by Andy Ridley at Fortmayne Dairy in Lancashire. Although no longer made in Yorkshire the cheese has retained it’s roots and is still referred to as a Dales cheese.

Rediscovered in the early 1990s, the recipe which was first made in Middleham, North Yorkshire (the childhood home of King Richard III – hence the name) by Suzanne Strike. After she discovered her grandmother’s old Wensleydale cheesemaking notes she decided to give it a go herself. Andy worked for Suzanne before taking over the business.

King Richard III Wensleydale cheese is made using pasteurised cow’s milk. It is an incredibly young cheese, aged for only a month as is the tradition with Wensleydales. Making the cheeses fresh, delicate, acidic and zesty with a mellow milky sweetness. The texture is moist, the paste is very pale in colour and it is less crumbly than most Wensleydales.

King Richard III Wensleydale is moist and creamy with a sweet honey flavour with notes of warm hay. A British classic, perfect with cooked hams and pickles.

We hand cut all of our cheeses so our weights are approximate, we try to be as accurate as we can.

Key Facts

Age 3 Months +
Country Of Origin England
Milk Type Cows
Organic No
Pasteurisation Pasteurised
Strength Of Cheese Medium
Style Of Cheese Firm
Vegetarian Yes

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