Farmhouse Extra Mature Cheddar

£1.90 per 100g

A classic, full flavoured cheddar that is the perfect all rounder to have in the fridge for all tastes and recipes.

250g £4.75
500g £9.50
750g £14.25
1kg £19.00
1.5kg £28.50
2kg £38.00

A classic, full flavoured creamy cheddar with a slight bite that is the perfect all rounder to have in the fridge. This cheddars’ flavours sit nicely in between a creamy cheddar for example, Blackbomber and a more traditional farmhouse style cheddar such as Quickes Extra Mature.

Ideal for cooking, melting, enjoying on crackers and giving to the children, this cheese fits the bill. The ideal cheese to stock up on and have in for those mac ‘n’ cheese moments!

Please note all cheeses are hand cut, therefore the weights listed are approximate. We work very hard to cut them as accurately as we can!

Key Facts

Country Of Origin England
Milk Type Cows
Organic No
Pasteurisation Pasteurised
Region Lancashire
Strength Of Cheese Medium - Strong
Style Of Cheese Hard
Vegetarian No

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