£2.50 per 100g

A strong, crunchy, classic Swiss alpine cheese with fruity notes and long lingering flavours.

250g £6.25
500g £12.50
750g £18.75
1kg £25.00
1.5kg £37.50
2kg £50.00

A mountain cheese produced in the Autumn of 2019 in the Berne Valley in Switzerland. The cheeses are made in large wheels of 30-34kg, like the traditional Comte, with milk obtained from the Simmentaler breed of cattle, typical in this area.

The resulting flavour is strong and rich, very nutty, with a sweet and slightly fruity after taste, notes of pineapple. A classic Swiss alpine cheese.

The texture of the cheese is firm with big crystals from the protein breakdown. These crystals are formed from calcium in the milk and are a sign of mature cheese. Delicious paired with fresh cherries.

Key Facts

Age 6 Months +
Country Of Origin Switzerland
Milk Type Cows
Organic No
Pasteurisation Unpasteurised
Region Berne
Strength Of Cheese Strong
Style Of Cheese Semi - Firm
Vegetarian No

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