Cheese Curler Machine & Tete de Moine Cheese


A Tete de Moine cheese along with the Girolle machine. An epic centrepiece.


Guests will love shaving cheese “petals” off this full flavoured, Swiss cow’s milk Tete de Moine cheese. We supply a whole Tete de Moine cheese (approx 800g) plus  the wooden cheese curler or Girolle Machine as it is known in Switzerland. This unique machine is used widely on the Continent for “shaving” petals of cheese from the full flavoured Tete de Moine or Girollin. Pass the cheese curler around the table to allow guests to “shave” themselves petals of this rich pungent cheese.

The individual cheese weighs approx. 800g.

Key Facts

Country Of Origin Switzerland
Milk Type Cows
Pasteurisation Pasteurised