A soft, intensely creamy, full flavoured blue cheese with a smooth, almost spreadable texture and distinctive silver rind.

Sold as approx. 200g hand-cut wedges.

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This soft, full flavoured blue cheese is perfect for both Stilton fans, and those of you that prefer a milder blue flavour. Carefully developed to perfection by Robin Skailes and Howard Lucas at Cropwell Bishop Creamery, to create a milder creamier blue that stands out from their usual stiltons. The cheese is hand ladelled into much shallower moulds than those used for Stilton and the rind is left to naturally develop creating a cheese that has a slight saltiness, creamy flavour and silky texture.

Please note all cheeses are hand cut, therefore the weights listed are approximate. We work very hard to cut them as accurately as we can!

Key Facts

Age 2 - 3 Months +
Country Of Origin England
Milk Type Cows
Organic No
Pasteurisation Pasteurised
Region Nottinghamshire
Strength Of Cheese Medium
Style Of Cheese Blue
Vegetarian No

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