50 Jack

£3.20 per 100g

50 Jack is a beer brined and semi-hard cheese.

250g £8.00
500g £16.00
750g £24.00
1kg £32.00
1.5kg £48.00
2kg £64.00

Made by Lawrence Reynolds at the Padstow Cheese company who produce an emmantal-style cheese named Cornish Jack which is a regular favourite of ours at The Cheese Society. 50 Jack is a beer brined and semi-hard cheese. Smooth and creamy in flavour with slightly sweet notes and a yeasty undertone with berry notes and a bitter ale finish on the rind. This is a strong cheese with a pungent nose, you’ll know this cheese is in your fridge so we suggest a Tupperware for storage.

Recently at the Global Cheese Awards 50 Jack won Gold for best Artisan Hard Rind Washed.

Key Facts

Country Of Origin England
Milk Type Cows
Organic No
Pasteurisation Pasteurised
Region Cornwall
Strength Of Cheese Medium - Strong
Style Of Cheese Washed Rind
Vegetarian No